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Name:Hot Pants
Went to find Jesus. Be back in ~85 days.

Masquerading as a man in order to participate in a dangerous, high-stakes race and a holy crusade,
this former nun seeks nothing less than the ultimate redemption for a childhood sin.

Name: Hot Pants
Series: Steel Ball Run (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
Age: 23
Birthday: September 15, 1867 (Virgo)
Height: 5'5" in boots
Eye Color: Gray-blue
Hair Color: Auburn

Stand: Cream Starter; a metallic canister that produces a "Spray" that mimics/is comprised of flesh

City of Origin: Nevada City, California
Affiliation: The Catholic Church

[Hot Pants is property of Hirohiko Araki and all that jazz, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7/Steel Ball Run. Played by [personal profile] buccellati. Crit and commentary may be directed via PM to either account. ...And all the "real" and alternate names are my own painful research, and in no way represent information that Araki has not seen fit to give me. EVER. Profile pic source: on Pixiv]
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